Free yourself from the deadly bite

Don’t let injected dreams and ideals take your aliveness

A researcher reveals a terrifying phenomenon affecting zombie ants, but could this also be happening to entrepreneurs and business leaders?

Recently, Charissa de Bekker told a national newspaper about a fascinating but also terrifying phenomenon affecting the so called zombie ants.


Charissa de Bekker is a microbiologist. She is researching the influence of the "zombie fungus" Ophiocordyceps on ants.


If an ant is infected with the fungus, it isolates itself from the colony and slavishly climbs a tree like a zombie to bite into a twig on command.


Charissa de Bekker calls this ‘The Deadly Grip’. From that bite of death, no ant can break free. The fungus totally controls the ant’s brain.


The poor ant turns into a zombie.

When I look at some entrepreneurs and business leaders nowadays, I see resemblance with the zombie ants.


They too have lost their ALIVENESS.


It’s not the fungus that got to them, but rather they got injected by dreams, ideals and desires that are not their own and which are hijacking their brain..


It is not always easy to avoid this.


I mean, there are so many how-to books, so many gurus and systems that like to explain to you exactly what path to take to be successful as an entrepreneur.


The bookshelves of most entrepreneurs and business leaders are full of those how-to books and they attend many trainings.


Now, there is nothing wrong with reading these books.

On the contrary, they can inspire and make you look at the world in a new way.


The thing that many people don’t realize is that many of these approaches stem directly from the Natural Advantage of those teachers and gurus.


That is why the methods they teach work so well for them. And why they are successful like that.


But their approach may well be directly opposite to your Natural Way of Working. And that’s where the problems begin.


Pursuing those injected ideas and desires seems logical and wise. So many entrepreneurs push themselves extra hard to make these things happen.


That is not all.

And if the promised things don’t happen for them or they start procrastinating, they start blaming themselves for not pushing themselves hard enough. They then start to lose connection with flow and joy..


Some entrepreneurs tell me that they don’t feel like themselves anymore. Somewhere along the way, they’ve lost their aliveness.


Just like the ants that are infected by the fungus.


Fortunately, we can break free from this ‘deadly grip’.


An option those poor ants don’t have. 


The way to break free and to regain your flow and aliveness is simple but very profound:


Start to take your own Natural Advantage seriously.


Then, and only then it becomes super clear what business activities, strategic directions, choices, tactics, ways of selling, strategies, approaches etc. suit you perfectly and which ones drain you.


It really does make a huge difference.


Recognize the vital power of your uniqueness which we call your Natural Advantage.


Use it.


Enjoy it.


Leverage it in your life and business.


If you do this, you restore your livelihood and your flow. You break free from the deadly bite.


In support of your unique contribution to the world,



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