When was the last time you experienced flow, natural ease, and total OK-ness?
That sweet spot of feeling super productive, as a fish in water and excited?

Feeling momentum so much that you were actually looking forward to doing more of what you were doing? Wasn’t that a little Walhalla...?
Chances are you were working from a source that we like to call your Natural Advantage.

Your Natural Advantage refers to your natural way of orienting yourself and contributing to the world.

Your Natural Advantage is what you naturally excel at and what you can do almost effortlessly. It’s your 'unique magic power'. We like to compare Natural Advantage to a springboard. If you jump on a springboard at the right point, you will bounce really high without having to exert much force.

When you work from and lean into your Natural Advantage, you experience flow, you’re highly productive and you have a massive impact with ease. 

Work doesn't feel like work when you are aligned with this innate capacity. You have more energy, experience more fulfillment, and you have more time to do the things that matter...You then are in your element!

And not only that… it is uniquely limited to you.
No soul on this earth has the same Natural Advantage as you have.
So knowing and embracing your Natural Advantage can give you deep insight into your uniqueness and a great 'competitive edge'. 

When your work, business and life are organized around your Natural Advantage, you create enormous value with the least amount of effort.


It is elusively obvious
Although the benefit of working from your Natural Advantage is so evident, hardly anyone has insight into the form of this inner resource. This is not surprising as this is the sort of thing that’s elusively obvious;

it is obvious only once it is you pointed out to you,
but one can live all one's life
and never know anything about it.

It’s your nature so of course it is so invisibly present that you are not aware of it. 
It is like water for fish.



Frequently Asked Questions and more insights

Does everyone have a Natural Advantage? Do I have one?

Yes, we can guarantee you that you have a Natural Advantage.
Everyone has one.
You too, even if you don’t know what it is yet.

Why would I want to know my NA?

Understanding your Natural Advantage is crucial, whether you're an entrepreneur, an employee, or simply someone seeking to enrich your life.

For entrepreneurs, there are often periods of flow and momentum in the early stages of their business. This is when they're instinctively leveraging their Natural Advantage. However, as the business matures, they might find that the activities they once loved, start to feel mundane or even stressful. The initial joy and momentum might fade, and they might start doubting their abilities.

For employees and others, understanding their Natural Advantage can help them identify the situations where they shine and those where they struggle. It can help them understand what they need to deliver their best contribution, which projects and activities align with their natural way of working, and how they can leverage their unique persuasion and leadership styles.

Look at your Natural Advantage as an apple tree. This tree naturally produces a variety of 'apples' - these could be your skills, relationships, achievements, or any other aspects of your life. When you're in touch with your Natural Advantage, these 'apples' grow effortlessly, bringing you joy and momentum.

However, when you start to feel stuck or uninspired, it's often because you're focusing too much on the 'apples' and neglecting the tree. You might be trying to reshape old 'apples' or hold onto them for too long, instead of nurturing the tree that produces them.

Your Natural Advantage - the tree - is the source of your flow and creativity. By understanding and nurturing it, you can tap into an unlimited resource that can generate fresh 'apples' with ease.

Knowing your Natural Advantage isn't about boosting confidence, courage, or conviction. It's about understanding your unique way of working and aligning your life and work with that. This way, you can avoid burnout and frustration, and find your way back to a state of flow and joy.

At Natural Advantage, we can help you identify and understand your Natural Advantage, so you can leverage it to enrich all areas of your life.

Reshaping an apple is pointless.
In fact, cherishing the tree (your NA) ensures that beautiful and healthy apples can grow on it by itself with a lot more ease!

How can I uncover my Natural Advantage?

To uncover your Natural Advantage it’s important to look at specific situations where you’ve certainly used it. We call those situations 'powerful moments'.


These are moments when you participate in activities that make you feel alive, capable, effective. You look forward to those moments and to the feeling of flow in them. These can be moments from your childhood, your private life or in work life.

In those moments, you make certain instinctive decisions, certain specific observations. You ask yourself clarifying questions. These are all unique to you and your Natural Advantage.

By looking deeply into the decisions, questions, and observations you use in your powerful moments, you may discover the individual pattern of flow inherent in your Natural Advantage.

Please note. Sometimes it will be difficult to get an insight into this because it is so natural and obvious to you that you cannot see what you are doing.

When you are inside the bottle, you can't read the label.

Not noticing all your steps, may cause you to miss crucial information about your Natural Advantage.

If you find it hard to get detailed in describing what you do in your powerful moments, it can be helpful to ask someone else to interview you. They can then direct you if your answers are too global or vague and ask for details about your actions.

Or ask for help from our trained coaches. They know exactly what questions to ask and where to dig deeper into your story. They will help you get insights into your unique way of looking at and operating in the world.

We sometimes compare the search for one's Natural Advantage to looking for gold in the river with a sieve. You keep asking questions until the little nuggets of gold that make up your unique way of working surface.

The more carefully and thoroughly you explore powerful moments, the better you can put words to it. And the better you can leverage it in daily life and work.

Why is it so important to put my Natural Advantage into words?

Do you also have those days where you can’t put a foot wrong? Everything falls into place.
You experience momentum and finish the day feeling fulfilled, satisfied and you know that you did a really good job.

On those days, you are working from what we call your
Natural Advantage Space

In this space you are gifted access to universal qualities like connection, joy, momentum, calmness, resilience, and creativity.
They are just flowing through you. And that is not the only thing.

In this Natural Advantage Space, you get insights and realizations in the moment about what to do next without thinking about it too much. 

Wouldn’t it be great if all days were like that?

Unfortunately, most of us also have those other days where we feel like we should have stayed in bed or when we feel stressed. 

On a bad day, you’re not operating not from your Natural Advantage Space, you’re removed from it. Instead, you’re full of insecurity and overthinking.
You procrastinate or push too hard and suffer from tunnel vision.

It’s as if you’ve spiraled away from your core, away from your Natural Advantage Space and into your head where paradoxically there is no clarity to be found.

Having detailed insight into your Natural Advantage is going to get you back in touch with what leads you to have more of the first kind of days and fewer of the second.

And by detailed we mean specific clues in words.

What if …
there was a way to give words to that unique source of yours?

At Natural Advantage we have an ingenious process to do just that, which makes it a lot easier to get back into your NA-space.

Who is Natural Advantage based coaching for?

Our approach to coaching is partnership based.
This means that we combine our years of experience and expertise with what your internal guidance brings to the table. We will give you advice and tips about your natural advantage and how to use it, but you are the only one who can check if this is working for you.

Only you can know if it’s aligned with you.
You will recognize it immediately by experiencing relief, joy, momentum, lightness, creativity etc., i.e when you find yourself in the Natural Advantage Space.

Who this approach is probably not going to work for are the people who are looking to copy the tactics, strategies, (whole track records even) of the externally successful.

We have clearly seen that mimicking models of success, is never the way to your own sustainable success.

In our approach, there is no room for success hunting.

Once I know my Natural Advantage, then what?

Well, that is where the fun starts :-).

In the coaching sessions after we’ve uncovered your Natural Advantage, we will focus on how you can use your unique giftedness to help you shape your work and life so that you experience flow, productivity, and results.

We do this by exploring issues together that are important to you.

Examples of what others bring into coaching conversations are:

  • I procrastinate a lot. Why is this and how do I prevent it?
  • What jobs, projects or tasks fit well with my Natural Advantage? Which one is better to skip?
  • I have been offered a financially very attractive job, but just thinking about it makes me tired. Why is this? 
  • When I was young/just starting my business/in situation X, I experienced a lot of flow and enthusiasm.
    Lately, I don't feel like doing anything… How do I get back to feeling unstoppable again?
  • I feel a lot of tension when I think of certain tasks I must do. How do I prevent this?


And while finding practical solutions to these issues can be very valuable, the real value of Natural Advantage Based Coaching is in something else.

The magic of Natural Advantage Based Coaching is that you get a better and better sense of what is pulling you out of your Natural Advantage Space, as well as what you need to do to get back there.

In that way, you experience more benefits of working from your Natural Advantage Space more often.
For most people this means that you they have abundant access to universal qualities such as joy, calmness, flow, creativity, problem solving, resilience etc.

And especially…
in this space you get insights and realizations in the moment about what to do next,
without thinking too much about it.

You just know what to do

How does NA-coaching differ from other approaches?

In the vast sea of knowledge, there are innumerable guidebooks, countless experts, and a multitude of systems, each offering a detailed roadmap to success in various roles - be it as a parent, speaker, employer, friend, entrepreneur, and beyond

The bookshelves of most people are full of those how-to books, and they follow many trainings and programs. Of course, there is nothing wrong with reading these books. On the contrary, they can inspire you and make you look at the world in a new way.

The thing that many people don't realize is that many of these approaches stem directly from… the Natural Advantage of the people that created the system in the first place! That's why the methods they teach, work so well for them and why they are successful like that. But their approach may well be directly opposite to your Natural Way of Working.

And that's where the problems begin.

If not careful, reading those books and following such advice, often (if not almost always) ends up as getting injected with other people’s ideas, dreams and desires that are not aligned with your Natural Advantage. 

Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of people. Pursuing those injected ideas and desires seems logical and wise. 

So many people push themselves extra hard to make these things happen and they lose connection with flow and joy. Others find themselves procrastinating and blaming themselves for it. 

The truth is that you were never meant to operate in this way. We strongly believe that as soon as you feel tension, stress, or if you have to push yourself in unhealthy ways or when you’re procrastinating, it is a sign that you’re not working from your Natural Advantage.

We can help you see what systems and ideas from others are aligned with your Natural Advantage and which ones are not, so you don’t find yourself in a blind alley. We help people to avoid the burnout of trying to flog a dead horse. 

And even better, we help you find your way back to your Natural Advantage Space. There, you are most likely to gain the insights and realizations to advance your endeavors in life and work that from your Natural Advantage, not someone else’s. That space is where you can achieve more with ease and where you are likely to find what you were looking for all along; feeling confident, content and satisfied.

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