Rediscover your default setting
to flourish, thrive and excel
Transform your Career, Business, Leadership & Life

Most people want to be at their best
and experience flow, success
and especially…momentum; that things fall into place naturally.

We all long for the feeling of being in the prime of life
and experiencing joy.

However, everyone finds themselves struggling from time to time.
And hard times can be so frustrating.

Especially when you have absolutely no idea how to get your ball rolling again.

Instead, you are tired, bored or feel stuck. 
You might even sometimes feel lost or like you've ‘lost it all’ already!   

At Natural Advantage, we know why this happens and it’s not your fault. 


You see.

When we feel insecure or feel we are falling short.

When we think we are losing it or experience lack of momentum.

… We tend to look for solutions outside ourselves; we listen to what the experts or gurus say on how to deal with that, we read (self-help) books or take courses.

… We search for a strategy, technique, model.

Anything that (we think) will provide us that sense of OK-ness or fix our issues.

It turns out that the solution is somewhere
completely different.

When we look outside ourselves, we ignore the moments and situations that already show us everything we look for: the moments when you are in your element.

At such moments you feel capable, effective and you experience flow.
Connecting with people is easy, you are effective without thinking much about it.
You are in the moment, feel like a fish in water and give the best of yourself.


Every individual has moments like that. If you look closely at them, you will find an underlying pattern of acting and being in the world,
that is unique to you and stable across all powerful moments.

This is what we call your
Natural Advantage®.

Your Natural Advantage is what you naturally excel at and what you can do almost effortlessly. It’s like your ‘Magic Power’.

Your Natural ‘Edge’.

When you work from your Natural Advantage, you experience flow, your innate motivation kicks in and you have massive impact with ease.


very few people have insight into their Natural Advantage. And that's not surprising.


Your Natural Advantage is so obvious to you that you think everyone can do what you can.
You expect that everyone sees what you see.

You don't realize how unique and valuable
your natural way of working actually is.

Plus, when you are in your element and express your Natural Advantage, you often do not give words in your head to what is happening , what you see, why you do or don't do something. You just follow the flow and act naturally without mincing words.


As a result, the Natural Advantage
remains invisible
to virtually all of us.

To be able to reconnect to that unique spark, you need complete clarity on how that works for you specifically and only for you. 

In the past decade we have been able to develop an approach to give words to what you do and see when you are in your element. We are able to describe your Natural Advantage®, that source of how you operate best.

Why gain insight into my Natural Advantage?

Understanding your Natural Edge has many benefits:

  • You will see what you need to be in your element and be able to give the best of yourself.
  • This helps you to create the conditions in your work, business, and life so that you can fully express yourself and experience flow.
  • You'll see what your unique leadership style is and how you naturally involve people.

  • You gain clarity about which tasks and activities suit you best and what better leave to others.

  • You will gain insight into what is meant for you in this world. This gives peace and satisfaction. 

  • You will gain insight into what specifically causes procrastination, perfectionism, resistance, or loss of energy and how you can deal with this adequately.
  • The more you live your Natural Advantage the easier things go, the more flow and momentum you experience.
  • You will have more access to resourcefulness, creativity, love, ingenuity and lightness.

This is how we do it

1. Schedule an online Natural Advantage discovery call

Let’s meet and see what discovering your NA can mean for you and your situation. You can contact us here.

2. Uncover your Natural Advantage
Go through our ingenious Natural Advantage Process with
your Uniqueness Coach to uncover your Natural Advantage

3. Embrace & Leverage your Natural Advantage
Use it in your work and life and experience more productivity,
clarity, and flow.

What people say


You can now stop pushing, striving, trying, exhausting yourself
and stop going against the grain.

Somehow you will pay for that in the form of life energy…  
Working against your Natural Advantage drains you
and jeopardizes your well-being.


Natural Advantage® is the only one of its kind
Currently, we know of no other method of personal profiling
that offers such a clear and concrete gateway
to a deeply satisfying way of living and working.


It can make all the difference