About Us

Our aim is to help entrepreneurs and business leaders build an extraordinary business based on the uniqueness they bring to the world.

We have developed an ingenious process to help entrepreneurs like
you to discover their Natural Advantage®
– the way of working that’s so natural to you that it’s almost invisible.
Knowing your Natural Advantage helps you focus so you’re more productive,
make a bigger difference and enjoy living an extraordinary life.

Marloes Bouwmeester

Founder & Inventor NA
Leading innovator,
Sharp sighted,
Excellent listener

Marloes’ Natural Advantage is that she deploys her X-ray sense and vision to uncover untapped potential that has not been pointed out or uncovered ever before.  And not only that...

She devises the simplest strategies for you to create results with those newly acquired views that suit both the circumstances and you as a person.

As an introvert herself she has become the go-to expert in The Netherlands for introvert professionals. For more than a decade she has been supporting others in uncovering and leveraging their Natural Advantage in business, career and life. 

Therefore she is much in demand as an expert in the media such as national newspapers, magazines, radio and television.

Marloes advocates approaches that suit you as an individual and refuses to believe that force and tension lead to anything good at all.

She is an entrepreneur, author, and uniqueness coach and she has a master’s degree in education science

Marloes has a teenage son. She is fond of long walks, writing and always working on some personal research project. The work of Sidney Banks, who uncovered how human experiences are created, has proven an impactful source for Marloes personally and for the further development of the concept or Natural Advantage.

Lianne Ebbinkhuijsen

Founder & Business Developer NA

Intuitive strategist,

Lianne’s Natural Advantage is that she is able to transform ideas, concepts and businesses, for herself and others, into something remarkable.

She has an uncanny ability to distinguish the essential from the noise.

As an executive coach Lianne doesn’t believe in one size fits all. She works on the basis that every business leader's best bet to sustainable success is aligning themselves and their business to their Natural Advantage. 

That’s why in her coaching she primarily concentrates on helping entrepreneurs and leaders access their innate clarity, creativity and confidence. She does this by uncovering their natural way of working and how that contributes to creating value with ease.

That is where the juice is, she always says. So why focus on something else?’ 
Once started off in finance as a CPA, currently a serial entrepreneur and founder and co-founder of several successful companies in telecom and coaching.

She is a mother of three grown-up children and former triathlete. She loves inventing comic song lyrics and to sing and perform on stage.  The work of Sidney Banks, who uncovered how human experiences are created, is a huge source of inspiration for Lianne. 

 - A new business term for entrepreneurs who focus on the essentials and know how to build extraordinary products and services around it.

We are here to show you how to give the best of yourself
in an easy and enjoyable way
and thereby also achieve the most.
Of course... we will use our own Natural Advantage to do so.

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