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Just Spectacular

After leaving the corporate world I somehow got hold of the idea of becoming a coach. Took a lot of training and I was doing a certain amount of coaching, but I didn't really feel I had found the thing that was right for me.   

I wasn't fulfilled, and I didn't feel I was giving it my all.  
Coaching felt like a chore to me. Since I am retired, I do want to do something that’s enjoyable and I also want to give back, but not like this.

So, when learning about Natural Advantage, I thought that might help me to figure out what I need to do to actually feel fulfilled in my work.
But then I also thought; I've done a million things already.
Why would I get anything new out of this?

Well, the pretty amazing thing I got out of it right away was that I realized that I had been searching everywhere but not in the obvious.
When you identified my natural advantage, I wondered ‘how did I not see that?
This is how I've enjoyed being my whole life!’

If I look at the things where I was just completely buzzing, and on fire, you pinpointed exactly the conditions.
How you both drew my natural advantage all together out of that first interview that kind of astounded me. You saw the crux of the thing immediately.

Without your help, I would never, ever, ever have seen that.
That was spectacular.

And the outcome was actually something that is so easy for me!
In some ways, it almost seemed like ‘this can't be right, that's too easy’.
Then I realized I had learned things have to be hard to be valuable.
Now I know, it's actually the easy thing, that is your actual gift to the world.

It makes everything so easy when you realize that what comes naturally to you is perfect. That was a massive relief.

I got so much more from it than I expected to get from it.
What I bring to people is much more alive, I'm trusting myself more and I connect with people in a different way.
I finally realized that where my heart lies, is in teaching and working with groups.

And as a result of that, I'm getting opportunities I wouldn't have gotten before, because I'm not holding myself back.

Natural Advantage is so completely different than anything out there.
There are no techniques and none of the usual. It's just unraveling of what I do naturally.
And the feeling that that's okay and that that's perfect.
As a matter of fact, that's exactly what I should be doing, if I want to succeed and give value.
Just spectacular.


It’s just so very freeing, very enjoyable, and very light.
I wish I had known this 20 years ago.

Mary Howick

Leadership Consultant
Former VP Human Resources in multinational organization 

More flow, less stress
and an overall performance upgrade

Insight into my Natural Advantage has given me new understandings about my most natural way of working and my personal drive. It’s also given me a new appreciation of how I facilitate transformational results for clients.

This is allowing me to bring more of what I love doing to other aspects of my business. It’s early days, but I’m optimistic about the possibility of bringing my natural advantage to every aspect of my work.

I would recommend uncovering your Natural Advantage wholeheartedly to any businessperson who wants to experience more flow, less stress and an overall performance upgrade.


Jamie Smart
Sunday Times Bestselling Author, Speaker and Coach

What I love about Natural Advantage is that, unlike other methods, you don't have to change!

I have been following Marloes for a while and have seen what it can do for people when they discover their Natural Advantage.
So, I was very curious about my own results.

My Natural Advantage appears to be ‘creating spaces where people are heard, seen and fully appreciated’. It is important to me that people are given the space - both literally and figuratively - to zoom out and see new options. To achieve this, I use myself as an instrument.

I recognized it instantly; this has always been my main driving force, but I've never had it so clear before.

Suddenly I understood why, for example, I always made such a fuss about training spaces in my work. In various organizations where I've worked as a coach and trainer, the training spaces or rooms were often substandard. This hindered my ability to do my job well. But when the space is good, I'm completely in my element and I deliver the best contribution I can.

In the past, I took it personally when I had to work in a space that wasn't suitable for coaching or training. I felt like a failure because I had less impact than usual. If I said something about the space, I often felt like a complainer because I had high standards. People didn't always understand, so I often kept my wishes to myself and adapted.

Through insight into my Natural Advantage, I realize how important it is for people to feel the space to simply be and participate in coaching and training. I take it much more seriously now. This makes me feel better, doubt myself less, and enjoy coaching and training even more. Through my Natural Advantage, I know what I need to create the most value for clients and participants in the trainings I provide.

Insight into my Natural Advantage has given me so much understanding and satisfaction that I've also recommended it to my son. It helps him make choices in his work that suit him.

What I find so wonderful about the Natural Advantage is that, unlike other methods, you don't have to change. On the contrary! You learn what you need to be in your element and make your best contribution.
This aligns perfectly with my goal of enabling people to fulfill their potential.


Anjo van der Wal - systemic trainer, consultant and choice facilitator
at Consultancy firm Van der Wal