What is your INSTANT-ACCESS question?

Find your unique way into a space of connection and possibility

Did you know that there's a special gateway to accessing flow, enthusiasm, insight and realization?

It's called the INSTANT-ACCESS question - a unique, personal question that can lead us back to this state of mind whenever we need it. The catch is, most people don't even know what their question is!  Let's delve deeper into this fascinating topic.

In the introduction to his book Thinking about Your Thinking, Dan Sullivan* describes a life-changing insight he had as a 6-year-old boy from northern Ohio.


He realized while he was wandering through the fields of his family farm that he could think about his thinking. He suddenly saw how his brain jumped from one thought to another and started developing new ideas based on these spontaneous thoughts.


The realization triggered tremendous enthusiasm and energy. He loved it. It was like entering a new world he wanted to explore. He felt safe and connected to everything, even though in the moment he got the insight, he was all alone.


However, as quickly as it came, the connection to this new world disappeared again.


No matter how much effort he made, he managed to get back to that place where everything made sense only a handful of times. Sometimes that feeling was there. Sometimes it wasn't there.



His lack of grip on that situation frustrated him greatly and prompted him to conduct several experiments in the months that followed his insight.


Through these experiments he was able to discover the trick of being able to return, again and again, to this special place.


He discovered that when he asked himself the question 'What am I thinking about right now?', that within minutes he would find himself in this space of possibility and connection. No matter in what turmoil his brain was at that moment.


Everybody has their own Unique Question

The reason we share this story is that many of us don't realize that we all, just like Dan Sullivan, have such a powerful question available to us.


We all have a question that can give us instant access to a space of creativity and flow, usually within minutes. We say ‘INSTANT’ because of its immediate positive effect on body, mind and spirit.


This INSTANT-ACCESS question is different for every person and unique to you as an individual. Therefore, only your own personal instant-access question has this unique impact on you.

This question is a direct derivative of your Natural Advantage.

You could say that this specific question is the most succinct expression of your Natural Advantage.

Examples of INSTANT- ACCESS question

Here are some examples of instant-access-questions from others that we helped uncover their Natural Advantage:

  • How can I create a wow-effect in this situation?
  • What is the hidden potential here and how can we use it to get results?
  • How can we reach our goal in a way that strengthens relationships?
  • How can everybody benefit from this?
  • What can I do now, so everything gets easier?


As you can see these questions can differ a lot depending on the person’s Natural Advantage.

How do these questions effect you?
You may find that some of the above questions don't grab you, others may even give you a headache. And there may be one which you’ll find doing something positive for you.


However, there is only one unique gateway that will do it for you.


That’s the one that takes you to a place of flow, enthusiasm, insight, and realizations. It could be a worthwhile experiment in the coming days to tinker with the question you can ask yourself and see if you get access to that place that Dan Sullivan found when he was six.


It’s important to note that everybody accesses that space spontaneously even without knowing the instant-access question. Because that is our most natural way of being. But oftentimes it feels like we’ve lost connection with that internal state so it can be helpful to have a way to get back there more quickly.


If you want help finding your own unique way ‘back in’ then get in touch. We offer various ways of working with us that help you uncover your Natural Advantage including your own instant-access question.


To your Natural Advantage,

Lianne and Marloes


*Dan Sullivan is founder and president of The Strategic Coach Inc. A visionary, an innovator, and a gifted conceptual thinker. Dan has over 40 years’ experience as a highly regarded speaker, consultant, strategic planner, and coach to entrepreneurial individuals and groups.