Conversations that Transform
your Career, Business, Leadership & Life

Discovering your Natural Advantage is great.
It gives a fresh perspective, lots of insights and a'ha-moments.

You know this and you may already have experienced the value of this for yourself
in certain situations.

The good news is...

It is just the beginning
of a potentially miraculous journey

You see, we have come to see that when we fully embrace and embody our Natural Advantage, working-life and life in general can change immensely
for the better.

And when attended to regularly it leads to sustainable access to resourcefulness, clarity, connection, creativity, love, ingenuity and lightness.

Imagine for one moment... what would more of that mean to you?

And frankly, all it requires from you is some time, attention and the willingness to discover and see something new.

In this program we are here for you to support you in that journey.

Who this is for

This offer only applies to individuals that already have gone through
a Natural Advantage Discovery with (one of) us and wish to take it further.

This is for you if...

  • you want to increasingly live and work from your Natural Advantage and would like to have guidance to make progress
  • you know that living and working from your Natural Advantage is the way forward, but you sometimes tend to lose sight of it or experience times when the hustle and bustle of daily life threatens to take over 
  • you are curious as to what's more in store for you when you lean into your true nature
  • you have specific areas in your life where you just cannot see how to get back in your Natural Advantage space

The purpose of this program is... 

  • To develop a productive ecosystem tailored to your Natural Advantage. This will enable you to embody it fully so that you can enjoy all the benefits of it (more and more) automatically and sustainably.

  • To understand your Natural Advantage on a deeper level and in greater detail.
    You'll learn about its added value for others and what you need to be in your element in every area in your life. This understanding will assist you in naturally developing an ecosystem around your Natural Advantage, enabling you to deliver more value without working harder, or pushing yourself.
  • To help you to better recognize and overcome your inner critic that sometimes even can become your inner tyrant... (we all have those moments).
  • To allow you to increasingly experience flow, confidence, and fulfillment, while simultaneously enhancing your natural productivity.

Double Power with two coaches

Your Natural Advantage is often so self-evident that it's sometimes hard to grasp its value. By learning about the Natural Advantage of others, it is much easier to see, appreciate and embrace your own unique strength.
It inspires you to develop and walk your own path.

To maximize this process, we offer coaching with us both; Lianne and Marloes.
Our Natural Advantages are vastly different from each other and we both have developed unique eco-systems that greatly enhance our joy, flow, and effectiveness in work and life.

We will not only help you reflect on your Natural Advantage but also share our real life experiences for inspiration and guidance to unleash your own potential. 

Sessions we had with former clients turned out to deliver synergistic and faster discoveries.

Read more about us over here


This offer is valid until September 30th, 2024


9 Monthly Deep Dive Conversations

  • Of max 75 minutes each
  • With both Marloes & Lianne 
  • Scheduled once a month; regularity to keep an eye on the main direction
  • Focus will be on reflection and how you can naturally and systematically stimulate the growth and transformation power of your Natural Advantage
  • We will introduce our '7 Entry-Point EcoModel' that will empower and accelerate your capacity for improvement and progress

Euro 3.995 excl of VAT

Just to make sure we are clear...

  1. Our work together will only be online (Zoom calls)
  2. Because we are dealing with combined and fairly full schedules, we are reluctant to reschedule coaching appointments. In case of force majeure or sudden urgency, sessions can be rescheduled free of charge up to 48 hours prior to the start of a session. Should you need to cancel or reschedule a session, then let us please know by e-mail:
  3. Confidentiality back and forth; we will not share with others anything you share with us. We expect you to do the same.
  4. There is no guarantee that you will make money from our work together, although you will get insight into how you create the most value with ease.
  5. We will ask you to sign our Participants Agreement, so that all (mutual) agreements and expectations are clear from the start. 

Join us and allow yourself to discover
your own unique
self-reinforcing upward spiral


If you have any questions or want to jump on board of this program?
Feel free to contact us here